August 30, 2004

MY COUSIN-IN-LAW, Brad Rubinstein, has posted more photos from the RNC protests. He’s got commentary here, too.

I’ll try to do a big roundup of photoblogging later today, so if you’ve got some good photo links, send them along.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, David Adesnik writes that the big-media coverage of the protests is missing the story. “The big papers also fail to convey how the protest resembled a carnival of the absurd, with every obscure leftist faction in attendance. For example, there were hundreds of big red signs provided by a coven of conspiracy theorists who insist that Bush had advance warning of 9-11. If I had bigger pockets, I could’ve collected at least half-a-dozen different socialist and communist newspapers and newsletters. . . . If you read the NYT or the WaPo, you get the impression that the protest was filled with reasonable people who just don’t like George Bush. . . . So there you have it. The big papers managed to be unfair to both sides while failing to provide critical information. Let’s hope things get better from here.” Scroll down for more.

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