September 26, 2021

GETTING AHEAD OF OURSELVES: There’s a Pretty Glaring Issue With Tesla’s Autopilot, Says New Study. “The study highlights the awkward in-between phase that we’re now in: Self-driving tech has become good enough to handle many aspects of staying on the road, but can’t be relied upon to take over everything, all of the time. That is potentially more dangerous than both fully human driving and fully automated driving, because when people get behind the wheel they assume they don’t have to give their full attention to every part of the driving experience – as this study shows.”

But, this glaring caveat: “The latest study doesn’t make any link between attention span and safety, so there are no conclusions to be drawn here about whether or not Autopilot is more or less safe than manual driving. What is clear is that it makes drivers pay less attention to the road.”

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