September 25, 2021

MORE “NORMS RESTORED” BY TRUMP-LESS GOP: “In an unbelievable move, both House and Senate Republicans, many of whom view themselves as “defense hawks,” voted to add far-left language to the bill that would draft our young daughters in a time of national emergency. In the House, 135 Republicans voted last night to do just that.”

So a huge part of the “conservative” party votes to let the government drag my two daughters (and yours) at gunpoint off to some foreign war run by loser generals obsessed with “white rage” instead of victory, who can’t even lose a war correctly, and who promise to warn actual communists before our attacks so that they’ll have maximum opportunity to kill my daughters (and yours)? How about you let the other party own that one? This is clown world.

UPDATE: Given the large number of comments here (which I did not expect), let me make this abundantly clear: it is in no sense conservative to have a society where we force unwilling teenage females into the meat grinder of warfare, regardless of what “feminists” or “equal protection” may demand. Like nearly every other American man, I registered for the draft when I turned 18; I would have served if called up. I am grateful that that didn’t happen, but I accept the necessity, in some circumstances, of male conscription (though I am dubious that it’s really necessary for any non-existential conflict). Conscripting 18-25 year old females is asking for societal suicide, for reasons so obvious they do not need to be explained. You can count me and my family right out of any such suicide pact, and I urge everyone else to do the same.

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