September 21, 2021

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Why Bill de Blasio’s COVID Passport Edict Is About to Backfire Hard.

In New York City, you need your photo ID and a vaccination card to enter these locations. The liberal self-own here is just epic. Photo identification is Jim Crow 2.0, but it’s okay for COVID vaccination status. It’s mind-blowing how liberals so expertly dice their talking points into sashimi. For Carmine’s, they’re about to be besieged by Black Lives Matter activists after a hostess and black patrons from Texas were involved in an altercation when proof of vaccination status was refused by the diners. Racial slurs were allegedly hurled at the black patrons. We’ll see about that, but the fact that BLM is coming to the Big Apple to protest the racist COVID passport ordinance is just as entertaining as it is predictable…

* * * * * * * *

Black Americans remain the demographic that’s least likely to be vaccinated in the city. I’m just shocked it took this long for the liberals to shoot themselves in the foot on this one. Why would Mayor Bill de Blasio pass such a racist edict? You think you know someone, huh? No, but seriously, he chucked this boomerang and it’s about to break his face. So much for being part of those BLM murals over the summer, huh, Bill?

As Glenn wrote yesterday:

Now in NYC you’ve got a vaccination-passport requirement that disproportionately affects black people, who are much less likely to get vaccinated than whites and asians, and you’re surprised that the response is violent? Once you teach people that it’s okay to be violent if they feel mistreated, you don’t get to choose when they feel mistreated.

Meanwhile, I understand there’s already a war among NYC progressives, as blacks and hispanics hate all the Covid security theater, while the white Karen wing of the party is loving it. I’m hoping for a war of mutual destruction. Hey, maybe Curtis Sliwa can make it to the mayoralty after all!

Insert Henry Kissinger Iran-Iraq war quote here.

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