September 19, 2021

INEVITABLY: Texas women in New York restaurant vaccine brawl say race a factor.

Carolyn Richmond, an attorney representing Carmine’s, denied the claim, telling the Times: “Nothing about this incident suggests race was an issue.”

Nonetheless, a Black Lives Matter activist told the Times a demonstration was planned outside the restaurant on Monday, to protest the treatment of Black patrons.

Surveillance footage – without sound – reviewed by the Times showed the three women being ushered into the restaurant after showing documentation outside.

It also showed three men showing up several minutes later but only one showing a vaccination card.

The fight broke out after a series of interactions between staff and the guests.

According to police, the three women punched the hostess repeatedly and broke her necklace, leaving the 24-year-old bruised and scratched. She was taken to a hospital.

The women face charges of misdemeanor assault and criminal mischief and are scheduled to appear in court on 5 October.

The New York City rule requiring proof of vaccination for indoor restaurant dining, gyms and entertainment venues has been in effect since 17 August but only began being enforced in the past week.

So I know some liberal New Yorkers who are shocked at this violence and blaming Texas. But come on. You’ve spent most of the last decade telling black people that violence is the proper response to anything they regard as racism.

Now in NYC you’ve got a vaccination-passport requirement that disproportionately affects black people, who are much less likely to get vaccinated than whites and asians, and you’re surprised that the response is violent? Once you teach people that it’s okay to be violent if they feel mistreated, you don’t get to choose when they feel mistreated.

Meanwhile, I understand there’s already a war among NYC progressives, as blacks and hispanics hate all the Covid security theater, while the white Karen wing of the party is loving it. I’m hoping for a war of mutual destruction. Hey, maybe Curtis Sliwa can make it to the mayoralty after all!

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