September 17, 2021

WHITE HOUSE: We offered to call Nicki Minaj and have her talk to one of our doctors about the safety of the vaccine.

Why are they worried? Nicki Minaj tweets spark protest outside CDC headquarters. “The demonstrators – who all wore masks and medical gloves – chanted, ‘Nicki Minaj told me the truth! Fauci lied to me!’ according to footage taken by WGCL-TV.”

So I guess banning her on Twitter didn’t work.

Plus, as a famous African-American leader said, get in their face, punch back twice as hard: Nicki Minaj Sics Her Fans on Reporters.

And: Nicki Minaj Just Tried to Dox Two Reporters.

Given the way the press — *cough* CNN *cough* — has gloried in doxing and smearing ordinary people who threaten the narrative, a bit of turnabout seems fair.

Related: Rose McGowan supports Nicki Minaj for standing up to ‘powerful elite’ amid White House drama.

So for the record, I’m not particularly concerned with the safety of the vaccines. The Insta-Daughter even took part in one of the clinical trials. But I am particularly concerned with the government-fostered bullying and intimidation aimed at anyone who doesn’t follow the party line. If Nicki Minaj can give them some heartburn over that, it’s well-deserved heartburn. And really — if you want people to believe you, don’t send Jen Psaki.

The real failure — and I’ve warned about it since the beginning — is that our “public health” establishment has been so obviously corrupt and politicized that people who would have trusted it a decade or two ago now don’t. And the reason they don’t is that it’s been so obviously corrupt and politicized as to be untrustworthy.

That’s a colossal institutional failure. It’s what you get when your institutions are controlled by people who are smug, inept, and lacking in moral fiber or self discipline. Which, sadly, is most of our institutions today. And that’s a much bigger threat to America than Covid, and one for which there are no vaccines.

Flashback: CNN Analyst and Yale Lecturer Asha Rangappa Under Fire For Doxxing A Journalism Intern.

Also: Journalists are having a meltdown over journalism being done to them.

Plus: Pro-Trump Memesmith Carpe Donktum says Buzzfeed is threatening to dox him and his family.

And: “In 2014, the Times published Officer Darren Wilson’s address at the height of the Ferguson riots.”

And: CNN Threatens To Reveal Identity Of Reddit Man Who Made Trump-CNN Bodyslam Meme If He Disobeys Them.

UPDATE: Oh, and the reporters in this case made the doxxing threats.

Journalists: If you don’t want to be treated like garbage, stop being garbage people from a garbage industry.

And, from the comments: “Don’t expect to hear any F Nicki Minaj chants.” Right?

Also in the comments, people are calling this “Ballsgate.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Via a friend:

MORE: From the comments: “Trump was right again. The press is the enemy.”


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