September 17, 2021

PRECEDENTS: Will Biden override Trump on executive-privilege claims on January 6 records?

And given the catastrophic and cowardly debacle just executed by Joe Biden in Afghanistan, perhaps this one in particular. Or does Biden relish the idea of having a Republican-controlled congressional committee getting the green light from a Republican president to strip away all of his privilege requests to get to the bottom of how Biden abandoned thousands of Americans to the Taliban?

To paraphrase Breyer, karma will be a real beeyotch under those conditions, and not just for Biden. It might end up burning some of Biden’s advisers who can expect a longer time living with what the betrayal they perpetrated in Afghanistan. Even if Biden can be expected to indulge his desire for revenge against Trump, at least some of his advisers don’t follow Biden’s lead in playing checkers in a 3-D chess world. They know what the risks are if they set this precedent.

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