September 17, 2021

IT’S GOOD TO BE THE NOMENKLATURA (DENVER EDITION): Tay Anderson to get time out for flirting with school girls, intimidating board member.

What’s next for Denver School Board Director Tay Anderson now that he’s been deemed super creepy, intimidating, and clearly overstepped his bounds by trying to date and flirt with two high school girls?

The school board plans to censure him, which carries about as much weight as 10 minutes in the time-out corner.

Then we just have to wait and see if Anderson has learned his lesson and stops hitting on girls in the workplace or schoolyard. Not at all assuring to Denver school parents.

Plus: “Investigators also examined complaints by two witnesses and a school board member who believed Anderson was trying to intimidate them in tweets while the investigation was underway this summer into remaining silent.”

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