September 17, 2021

IF NOT, IT’S ONLY BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T THINK OF IT YET: Too bad to check: Is Biden punishing red states by restricting COVID treatment supplies?Maybe not, but as you’ll see, there’s a shortage of rational explanations otherwise — and Joe Biden has only himself to blame for creating that impression. The Biden administration has decided to recalculate the distribution of monoclonal-antibody treatment supplies in order to prioritize equity among the states, rather than the urgency of demand between them. That’s an odd decision for medical supplies in a shortage and public-health crisis anyway. But is it just a coincidence that the immediate impact of that will be felt by Southern states where the seasonal spike in cases is highest?”

Related: Florida’s DeSantis Responds to Biden Limiting Florida COVID Therapeutics – Announces Monoclonal Antibody Purchases Directly From Glaxo Smith Kline.

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