September 15, 2021

CALIFORNIA, YOU BLEW IT, AGAIN: That’s the assessment of Issues & Insights, which predicts Gavin Newsom will now double down on his particular brand of progressive authoritarianism:

“It wouldn’t be loco to think that Newsom is now going to seek revenge on those who voted to remove him. A likely place to start is to put California back under a tight and unforgiving pandemic lockdown regime even though it had never fully escaped Newsom’s iron fist over the summer.

“If not for the heat he felt from the recall polls, the life-has-been-handed-to-him governor would have surely reinstated the freedom-robbing policies he had ordered in 2020 after the Delta variant arrived in June.”

My prediction is the Golden State will be losing even more residents in the months ahead as more and more folks throw their hands up in disgust and despair, say to Hades with it, and head to Texas.

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