September 14, 2021


Flashback: A black Tea Party? How Black Lives Matter echoes the right.

I can’t find it now, but I remember a heartwarming video where Black Lives Matter people showed up at a Tea Party rally — or maybe it was the other way around — and they found lots of common ground.

BLM as a movement is a scam — and the Tea Party wound up attracting a lot of grifters too — but the underlying core of both has something real.

UPDATE: From the comments: “While Left vs. Right is still a real dichotomy, increasingly the division is between the elites and the commoners. The division isn’t about just money and position, but also outlook. The elites want power and control, and they will do all they can to get and keep it. And as time goes on, they become more nakedly open about it. Very often, the mask doesn’t just slip, it’s tossed aside. This is why Trump got elected in the first place, and also why they worked so hard to destroy him.”

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