July 30, 2004


The sum total of what Kerry knows about “what we have to do in Iraq” amounts to no more than this: Kerry would be nicer to “allies” who try to thwart the democratisation of the Arab world and he would cut costs and get the troops home as soon as possible. Kerry might have more foreign policy ideas up his sleeve, but these were the only words he had to say on Iraq in his entire speech last night.

Kerry was unable to actually articulate what the “job” in Iraq is. He wants to talk about strategy while leaving the objectives nice and fuzzy.

Indeed. Quite a few people seem to have noticed that.

UPDATE: Gerard Van der Leun emails:

He can’t articulate it because the “job” to be done in Iraq is what is now actually being done in Iraq.

You know this I know, but I’m just saying.

Well, yeah.

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