August 19, 2021


UPDATE: A friend comments:

None of the experts in our government thought to contact our NATO allies before our disastrous decision to leave, and now the UK is openly debating in Parliament the usefulness of NATO and if they can trust the United States going forward since they were caught flat footed by a unilateral decision we made without speaking to them. The UK has been ride or die with us for over a century, and it’s shameful that the “experts” not only put our people in harm’s way by the thousands, but the citizens of our allies who didn’t even get a courtesy e-mail.

But hey, at least the young buck national security advisor who has no discernable work history went to an Ivy League school and was a Rhodes scholar, right?

I really think between Afghanistan and COVID, Americans should really question why our “expert” class exists, and if they should ever be listened to again.

Indeed. And don’t diss Jake Sullivan’s work history. He was an advisor to Hillary Clinton! Not delivering very well on this, though: “He also emphasized that the Biden administration aimed to repair American relations with allies that he regarded as being damaged during the Trump administration.”

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