August 7, 2021

NOT A MASK IN SIGHT: Obama and his guests fail to mask up as he gets ‘scaled back’ 60th birthday party celebrations started at his $12M Martha’s Vineyard estate: Massive tents are erected and celeb pals descend on island.

Related: From Jon Gabriel in the Arizona Republic: Obama scaled back his 60th birthday because of COVID-19. He should have made it bigger. “If you want to increase the number of people getting the jab, we need more healthy, happy, vaccinated people out there enjoying life. Grim threats from lab-coat bureaucrats have motivated everyone they can. Time for a full-on charm offensive. Instead of threatening vaccine passports, Mayor Bowser should hold a block party and invite every vaccinated D.C. resident. Speaker Pelosi should throw a bipartisan cookout on the steps of the Capitol — we know all the lawmakers are protected. And let Obama hold an epic birthday rager; heck, invite 1,000 more guests. Despite my vigorous defense of his right to party, I doubt I’ll be on the list. But I hope he has a very happy birthday anyway.”

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