August 5, 2021

TED RALL: Why I Got a Third Covid Shot: Better safe than sick, and I have a history of respiratory problems.

I was fully vaccinated six months ago. I walked into a pharmacy last week and got another Pfizer shot. I didn’t tell the pharmacist it was my third; she didn’t ask. Since the U.S. has no central database of immunization records, the store had no way to know I’d been vaccinated at a federal facility.

My friends and family disapprove. “A one-man study of the effects of three doses?” one said dryly. “That sounds safe.” Another, left-leaning and vaccine-skeptical: “This won’t be the last ‘booster’ shot you’ll ‘need.’ Every couple months you’ll be showing up for the latest injection.”

There’s a lot of this. Meanwhile the W.H.O. wants us to delay second shots and send vaccine overseas.

UPDATE (From Ed): Moderna recommends third shot of vaccine to defend against new coronavirus strains.

(Updated and bumped.)

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