August 4, 2021

AS HE OCCASIONALLY DOES, DAVID BROOKS DIMLY GRASPS THE TRUTH: HOW THE BOBOS BROKE AMERICA: The creative class was supposed to foster progressive values and economic growth. Instead we got resentment, alienation, and endless political dysfunction.

They’re just so arrogant and hatable. And this is right: “The bobos have coalesced into an insular, intermarrying brahmin elite that dominates culture, media, education, and tech.”

To be fair, Angelo Codevilla said it over a decade ago.

Plus: “I got a lot wrong about the bobos. I didn’t anticipate how aggressively we would move to assert our cultural dominance, the way we would seek to impose elite values through speech and thought codes. I underestimated the way the creative class would successfully raise barriers around itself to protect its economic privilege—not just through schooling, but through zoning regulations that keep home values high, professional-certification structures that keep doctors’ and lawyers’ incomes high while blocking competition from nurses and paralegals, and more. And I underestimated our intolerance of ideological diversity. Over the past five decades, the number of working-class and conservative voices in universities, the mainstream media, and other institutions of elite culture has shrunk to a sprinkling. When you tell a large chunk of the country that their voices are not worth hearing, they are going to react badly—and they have.”

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Brooks’ sycophancy toward Joe Biden — a variant of his pants-crease love for Obama — illustrates where his understanding stops.

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