August 4, 2021

DON SURBER: “Democrats in Washington want Andrew Cuomo to resign to allow the Democrat lieutenant governor to run New York state. If a Republican were next in line for the job, Democrats would be falling on grenades for Cuomo. That is, after all, what happened in Virginia when Governor Black Face unleashed his oppo research on the Democrats in the line of succession.”

Plus: “Cuomo’s problem is not sexual harassment. His problem is Democrats see him as a threat if he chooses to run for president. . . . Congressional Democrats can control a Biden or an Obama. Cuomo would be a wildcard.”


But why should I defend Cuomo?

He killed 15,000 grannies by forcing nursing homes to accept covid patients.

Those deaths should be the subject of a criminal investigation, not this he said/she said garbage.

But charging him with manslaughter might implicate other Democrats. A sexual harassment scandal is a nice safe way to dispose of a governor who could seek the presidency in 2024.

Well, maybe it’s safe.

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