August 4, 2021

FIGHT THE POWER: Jefferson County parks & rec district drops concealed carry ban effort after ‘numerous’ public comments.

Foothills Parks and Recreation District (FPRD) Executive Director Ronald Hopp told Complete Colorado on Monday that the board of directors had decided to indefinitely table discussion of banning concealed carry of firearms by lawfully permitted citizens in Foothills facilities and outdoor spaces.

Complete Colorado initially broke, and exclusively covered the developing story.

Hopp said there will not be an agenda item on the August meeting or “any other board meeting in the foreseeable future,” citing numerous comments from the public.

“The Foothills Park & Recreation District’s Board had discussed various options, including the possibility of new policies, in response to recent gun-related incidents in both our facilities and parks, at least one of which involved the mishandling of a properly permitted concealed firearm,” Hopp said in a statement.

The ink from Gov. Jared Polis’ pen on Senate Bill 21-256, allowing FPRD to ban all firearms, including concealed carry, from its facilities had only been dry for three days when FRPD staff brought up the idea at its board of directors meeting on June 22.

Civil rights enthusiasts made themselves heard, and it worked.

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