August 3, 2021

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Matt Margolis: Kamala Harris’s Unpopularity Is Truly Historic. “What makes this significant is that Kamala Harris’s approval ratings matter a great deal. From the very beginning, there’s been a sort of co-presidency vibe from this administration.”

Kevin Downey Jr: Liberals Worldwide Are Ramping Up the Panic About COVID Stats. Here Are Some Fast Facts. “The woman who published the tweet below, Debbie Burnett, is running against Rep. Boebert in Colorado. She is histrionic about COVID. She is actually a veterinarian who volunteers at a hospital as a physical therapist. The rolling average of new COVID cases in Aspen (which is Boebert’s district) is five per day. This woman is dangerous.”

Yours Truly: The Dumbest Well-Read Man in America Wants to Pummel You Into Submission on Vaccines. “He was and remains the master of the ‘He couldn’t be that dumb for real, could he?’ explainer piece.”

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