August 3, 2021

MARK JUDGE: The left pathologizes everything it touches, except for a few sacred cows and fetishized victim groups.

In 2018 leftist websites like Vox and Slate used the term “homosociality” to criticize me and my high school friends. The term comes from the late writer Eve Sedgwick. In her 1985 book Between Men: English Literature and Male Homosocial Desire, Sedgwick describes homosociality as “the strong but not necessarily sexual affinities men have for other men.”

In other words, male bonding. Guys like to hang out with each other. Such activity these days is, of course, suspicious. Writing about homosociality for the far-left Vox during the height of the Kavanaugh madness, Tara Isabella Burton observed that when men bond, they are “terrified that this might be interpreted as homosexuality.” Guys are “desperate to prove their heterosexuality but trapped in a culture that does not allow them to engage emotionally or authentically with one another.”

As a result, we use women as “conduits,” or “safe outlets,” to express “our desire for one another.” This inevitably involves the “ritualized sexual humiliation” of women.

What does all this mean in English? It means that guys sometimes bond with each other by commiserating about how difficult women can be to figure out. This sometimes involves making fun of women, just as women make fun of men. This has been going on for thousands of years. One journalist who wrote about me and Brett found a girl who knew us in high school. “That class was really tight,” she observed about the Georgetown Prep class of 1983. “They were a really close group of guys. and I think, by and large, they were a really nice group of guys.”

Then the kicker: “They did have sort of a Marines mentality, a brothers-in-arms kind of thing.”

Strong bonds among men must be very dangerous to the left, given how hard it has worked to prevent them.

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