August 1, 2021

SO TAMARA KEEL WAS TALKING about the old days when she used to do a “carry rotation,” swapping out carry guns based on mood: “If this is Tuesday, I must be carrying the Luger…”

That old post included this quote: “I don’t worry too much about the man with only one gun – he probably bought that gun for self defense, ran a box of ammo through it, tossed it in the nightstand, and forgot about it. I worry about the guy with two or three identical guns, all of them well-worn.”

I do in fact own two identical Sig P365s. One is for carry, the other is for practice. This spares the carry gun the wear, and the cleaning, that the practice gun gets. I do practice with the carry gun sometimes too, because of course, but not usually. I don’t think that makes me as dangerous as the quote above suggests, but it seems to make sense.

Recent conversation with the Insta-Wife: “Are you spending too much on guns and ammo?” Me: “No.” Her: “Okay.” Yeah, she’s a keeper.

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