July 27, 2021

GOODER AND HARDER: ‘We won’t be coming’: Washington state police reform goes into effect, law enforcement warns of consequences.

Washington state legislators passed a series of new police reform bills that went into effect on Sunday, the most noteworthy being HB 1310 where law enforcement officers can only make arrests on the grounds of “probable cause” instead of “reasonable suspicion,” giving a green light for criminals to commit crimes without being held accountable.

Signed into law by Democratic Governor Jay Inslee without a vote from the people, HB 1310 also called the “use of force bill” drastically limits the way police officers respond to calls.

“It’s going to change the level of service we give to our citizens. Not because we want to, but because we have to,” Moses Lake Police Chief Fuhr said, according to Columbia Basin Herald.

“This is changing completely the way we’ve responded to some of these calls … and there will be some calls that we just absolutely don’t respond to from here on out,” Fuhr added.

Yet another Democrat crisis-by-design.

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