July 26, 2021

BIDEN’S RETURN TO NORMALCY: Team Biden’s bizarre ‘Blame Canada’ border slap.

Canada (after a rocky start because it didn’t do as wise a job of advance-buying vaccines as the Trump administration) is now better-vaxxed than we are — 52.6 percent fully jabbed to just 48.7 percent of the total US population, and 69 percent with at least one dose to our 56 percent. (Trudeau expects to hit 80 percent fully vaxxed by month’s end.)

And Ontario, the province bordering New York, is at 64 percent fully vaxxed.

That matters because Upstate will now miss out on some much-needed tourism. And Team Biden’s slap puts needless stress on separated families and businesses all along the world’s longest international border.

They told me if I voted for Donald Trump we’d end up with a foreign policy naif who would anger and annoy our allies — and they were right!

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