July 24, 2021

GREAT MOMENTS IN TROLLING: The racist Cleveland Guardians baseball team must be renamed.

This country is experiencing a long overdue racial reckoning — and the city of Cleveland and Major League Baseball have failed another major test. The new name for the professional baseball franchise in Cleveland — Guardians — must go. As several states work to remove imperialistic statues of cis white men, the city of Cleveland has reached into its racist past to honor them. This is not the progress that Nikole Hannah-Jones has been dreaming of.

The new mascot, for the team that will henceforth only be referenced as the ‘Cleveland Baseball Team’, is supposedly a reference to four giant stone statues that ‘guard’ the Hope Memorial Bridge just outside the city’s stadium. Hope Memorial Bridge was named after comedian and long-dead old white man, Bob Hope, who made problematic sexist and homophobic jokes over the course of his career. The statues loom over the stadium. They also loom over any progress that is expected to be made in the wake of the George Floyd murder a year ago.

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