July 20, 2021

THE DEMAND FOR WHITE SUPREMACY IN AMERICA FAR EXCEEDS THE SUPPLY: My Search for the Elusive White Nationalists and Supremacists in the Church.

The key takeaway is simple; not one person I talked to at the PK conference knew or had heard a Christian nationalist. Nary a one. Nor had they seen or come in contact with a white supremacist. To a person, regardless of ethnicity, they believed race relations in their church and their community broadly were better than they were ten, twenty, or thirty years ago, not worse. Also, these participants thought their church was doing a “good job” discussing race.

One other consistent theme was best stated by James, an African-American man in his early fifties who said that race relations were “much better than they were thirty years ago.” He attends a bible church that has a mixed ethnic congregation; “Here’s what we believe and what we live, we’re all moving forward in the love of Jesus.” James had brought his adult son and brother to the event, all of whom nodded in agreement.

Gary, a tall, rugged-looking white man in his sixties, brought his adult son with him for the weekend. He was eager to talk about his church with a “reasonably” mixed congregation and their experience during the elections. “There were different opinions [but] everyone was united in Christ. See, we preach that the things of the world don’t mean that much, but the things of God mean everything.” Gary’s son attends a different church in another city but added that his church rarely talked politics “but talked a lot about the collapse of values and family,” and that only the “Gospel of Christ could change a person’s heart or the country’s destiny.” . . .

Another attendee, Cass, said to me, “We got boys pretending to be men in the country now. Too many [men] never grow up. They talk about race, but they don’t believe in people. Race is just something to be mad about. We need men to come back to what God called us [to be]. When that happens, there isn’t any race that matters. Kingdom men care about every person because God made ’em. Kingdom men see with the King’s eyes.”

The vignettes from these men I talked to were sweet and bathed in goodness.

That will not appear in the Washington Post.

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