July 16, 2021

ROGER SIMON: Cuba, Iran, and the Shame of the United States.

If I hadn’t left the Democratic Party years ago, I would leave it now.

Their namby-pamby, lip-service reaction to the uprising of the Cuban people against 62 years of brutal communist oppression is shameful beyond words.

Apparently, the protests are a bit inconvenient for them. AOC might be embarrassed if they said or did anything, not to mention Bernie.

The Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas warned Cuban refugees not to come (while the border is open to practically everybody else, from Houthis to extra-terrestrials) put the capper on it.

The Coast Guard has evidently already been alerted not to allow this freedom-loving riff-riff on our shores. After all, some of them might vote Republican.

Cuban-born himself, Mayorkas’ behavior is not that far from the Jewish Kapos who kept order for the Nazis inside the concentration camps. What he’s done—no doubt on orders from above—is that repellent.

But the Democrats clearly had and have more important fish to fry, like prolonging the fiction that another freedom-oriented demonstration (Jan. 6), clumsy as it might have been, was a veritable “insurrection.” (The poor folks just somehow forgot to bring guns.)

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