July 8, 2021

FOURTH COVID VACCINE COMING: The “inventor” of the mRNA technology of the current Covid vaccines tells The Epoch Times’ Jan Jekielek that a new Covid vaccine is about to gain FDA approval and it doesn’t rely on the genetics technology of the current vaccines.

“There is a more traditional vaccine that’s about to, I think, gain emergency use authorization from Novavax. That’s also showed greater than 90% protection against disease and death. So that’s in line with what the genetic vaccines are showing.

And I think that that one offers options for those that are uncomfortable with the genetic vaccine strategy. And I know a lot of people that have been contacting me are interested in having an option, they’re uncomfortable with the genetic vaccines, and they’re interested in having an alternative that they can use. I think that Novavax could be a suitable alternative for them.”

Much more in this lengthy interview in which Malone explains, among much else, why he thinks the vaccine roll-out could have been done “more rigorously” and why it’s extremely significant that even the CDC is now beginning to acknowledge vaccine side effects that are not properly understood.

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