July 7, 2021

BYRON YORK: The Future of Hunter Biden’s Laptop. “Many — actually, most — big press and social media organizations have ignored and even suppressed news that has come from Hunter Biden’s laptop. They started the censorship just before the 2020 election, when Biden’s father Joe was on the presidential ballot and vulnerable to negative news, and they’re still censoring today. But in the past few weeks there has been a stream of stories, in the New York Post and a few other outlets, based on information contained in the Biden laptop. The stories are significant and suggest, but do not prove, shady financial dealings in the Biden family. The question is whether some media organizations will finally admit there is news on the laptop.”

Hunter’s laptop is being held for when they decide to get rid of Joe. The leaks are just to remind everyone it’s out there. Well, everyone except for Joe. He won’t remember for long anyway.

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