June 22, 2021

BYRON YORK: Democrats’ Voter ID Debacle. “The headline is that 80 percent of those surveyed — a huge majority — favored photo ID. Just 18 percent said they opposed. That left just two percent who didn’t know, which means that voter ID is an issue about which most Americans have a considered opinion.”

But wait, it gets worse: “Looking at the results along racial lines, 77 percent of white voters supported photo ID — and 84 percent of non-white voters supported it, too. Along educational lines, 69 percent of Americans with a four-year college degree favored ID, and 85 percent of those with no degree favored it. . . . Bottom line: Americans support voter ID. They just do. And now, with Manchin’s voter ID proposal and the Monmouth poll, Stacey Abrams, the failed Democratic candidate for governor Georgia who has become the party’s voting-rights heroine, has flip-flopped on the issue and now says she not only supports voter ID but that she has never opposed it.”

To be fair, she lies a lot.

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