June 18, 2021

JOHN NOLTE: Lin-Manuel Miranda Grovels to Woke Gestapo over ‘Colorism’ Following ‘In the Heights’ Casting Backlash. “Anyway, although the box office bomb In the Heights is populated almost entirely with blacks and Hispanics, some people on Twitter are still complaining over the movie’s lack of darker-skinned blacks and Hispanics. Naturally, Lin-Manuel Miranda (or is it Lin-Miranda Manuel?) responded with an estrogen-filled grovel loaded with so many woketard terms it reads like satire. . . . During the McCarthy era — I mean the first one, not this one — watching those old black and white newsreels of artists crouching and moaning and flattering the House Un-American Activities Committee is still difficult, but nothing like this. Actually, that’s not true. The truth is that I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoy watching the Worst People In the World humiliate and berate The Worst People In the World. These monsters deserve each other, so every day in WokeLand is Christmas morning — one beautifully wrapped gift after another.”

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