June 12, 2021


NEW CIVILITY WATCH: President Biden and first lady boot BBC crew from pub garden to get their table.

President Biden and first lady Jill Biden kicked out the British media — to get the pub garden table they wanted, video shows.

Jon Sopel, the BBC’s North America editor, had been sitting on the patio of Treganna Castle in Cornwall on Thursday when he was seemingly surprised by the unexpected arrival of the commander-in-chief and his wife.

“A first in my career. @POTUS comes and sits down at table in a bar next to me and orders a drink. Am trying to act nonchalant,” he tweeted alongside video of him shouting out, “How’s it going, Mr. President? Are you enjoying it here?”

But the BBC team was soon forced to pack up their belongings to give up their table to POTUS and FLOTUS — even though they clearly had the pick of several other tables in the otherwise empty area.

Don’t sweat it, Beeb – if Biden acts like he doesn’t know you’re sitting there, it’s not an act: he really doesn’t know you are sitting there.

 Just be glad you’re not actually members of the DNC-MSM; they’d get the closet if they didn’t move.

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