June 13, 2021

HELEN TRIES IT: This week I had the pleasure of reading Professor Carol’s book Why Freshmen Fail: and How to Avoid It! I know you are no longer supposed to call college students freshman (it’s sexist and classist, yawn) but this is what makes Professor Carol’s book so refreshing. She lays out exactly in a non-PC straightforward manner for students and their parents how to make the most of the first year. She really gets how 18-year-olds think and has no qualms with helping them figure out if college is even the right choice in a chapter called “Why am I here?” She discusses “real life” and how it is often unfair even though students have been told by adults how everything is equal (yeah, sure). She has a chapter on how to get along with your professors by nodding, even if the nodding is insincere. Just this simple gesture can help a student earn a better standing in the class. My favorite chapter is “What Not to Say” that describes the PC atmosphere and how to maneuver it without losing your mind. I could have used this when I was in grad school. Get the book for your child, grandchild or as a gift for anyone you know going to college in the fall, it is really helpful. I have verified this listing at Helen’s Page. (Bumped)

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