June 11, 2021

WELL, THAT’S SURE TO WIN HIM OVER: DNC chair: Joe Manchin hates America, you know.

Put aside Harrison’s dishonest spin on the bill itself, and just marvel at his political ineptitude instead. Manchin is the only man standing between Mitch McConnell and control of the Senate floor. The massive shift in Manchin’s home state puts enormous pressure on him to flip parties anyway. And now the chair of Manchin’s own political party is calling Manchin a traitor not to the party but to America on national television for not supporting progressives’ performative bill — which has no chance of passing the Senate even with Manchin’s vote.

Harrison probably shouldn’t count on Manchin’s vote for the Green New Deal, either. Can’t wait for Harrison to call Manchin a traitor to the planet when that happens.

So will this push Manchin into flipping? It probably should, but Salena Zito says to quit wishing for a Manchin-led GOP majority. Manchin won’t get chased out of the Democratic Party, and he won’t get bullied into votes either. Manchin doesn’t want a plum committee chair assignment — he wants to make the Senate work again:

Harry Reid, Manchin’s fellow Democrat, did his best to finish off that last goal.

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