June 11, 2021

DISPATCHES FROM OUR NEW WOKE ARMY: Army LTC to Troops, “If You Are a White Male You’re Part of the Problem.”

LTC Andrew Rhodes the commander of the 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, is under scrutiny for remarks against white males made to his troops. The controversy began with screenshots of direct messages between the owner of an Instagram account @terminacwo, which is run by three former Army warrant officers, and soldiers serving in the 1-8 under LTC Rhodes.

The regiment Rhodes commands is also known as “the Fighting Eagles” and has a distinguished combat record going back to 1838. It is assigned to the 3rd Regimental Combat Team of the 4th Infantry Division stationed at Ft. Carson.

As one of Rod Dreher’s readers notes:

A generation raised on Howard Zinn and the 1619 Project are not going to enlist, they are ambivalent at best about whether or not the US should be defended in the first place. So that leaves you with outliers that the current leadership regards as unacceptable and déclassé.

This is the same as so much of the woke Hollywood bombs, the marketing types are convinced that there is this massive demographic of woke types just waiting to consume. They believe this in large part bc of Twitter and the results are entirely predictable, just as they are likely to find here. Name one wokeist who is more likely to join an institution they see as racist, imperialist, and warmongering just bc its leadership mouths woke platitudes.

Heck, military service is considered déclassé for all but a small sliver of the middle class for cultural reasons, what do we expect to change?

Dreher himself asks, “If the US military earns for itself a reputation as hostile to white males and unwoke people, why should they put their lives on the line to defend a country that considers them to be ‘part of the problem’? What the Pentagon is doing here is really dangerous, and really foolish.”

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