June 10, 2021

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Matt Margolis: Why Hunter Biden’s Racism Matters. “There is more evidence of Biden’s racism than there ever has been of Trump’s alleged racism. In fact, those who accuse Trump of racism rely solely on subjective assessments of policy, in which they ‘find’ racism when none exists, or simply claim that Trump’s alleged racism is simply a matter of fact, something that can’t be questioned because it’s obvious—a forgone conclusion that doesn’t require actual evidence.”

Bryan Preston: Is the IRS Weaponized Again? Four Questions About the Disturbing IRS Personal Information Leak. “Have a problem with Hunter Biden’s ties to China or his racist texts? Don’t like Biden’s cancellation of motherhood in his budget proposal? If a Biden supporter leaked the ProPublica information and is not caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, you may expect to have your tax returns and your personal information disclosed as punishment. It’s the ultimate form of doxing, coming from the federal agency that has the most private financial information about all Americans. This is beyond sinister.”

Yours Truly: The End of a 40-Year Love Affair: Saying Goodbye to Nikon. “The sad fact is that Nikon is probably a dead cameramaker walking.”

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