June 6, 2021

‘PUBLIC VIRTUE SIGNALING:’ Chris Wallace, Sen. Josh Hawley’s office add to the Jake Tapper pile-on.

Just to follow up on this post from few minutes ago where Rep. Elise Stefanik posted emails from Jake Tapper’s staff requesting an interview despite the CNN host telling the New York Times that he was “not asking for” interviews from Republicans who had issues with the 2020 election… Sen. Josh Hawley’s office also posted emails it received from Tapper’s staff requesting interviews:

* * * * * * * *

Tapper responded, saying he wouldn’t have allowed Hawley to come on the show if he had actually agreed to the interview and that he “only started explaining to [his staff] last month the reasons behind my saying no to every Big Liar”:

As Richard Grenell adds, “Jake Tapper throws his staffers under the bus while trying to spin his way out of a lie.

But no word yet on when Jake Tapper will be asked by Jake Tapper not to appear on Jake Tapper’s program:

Elsewhere at CNN: Anderson Cooper Makes Insane Claim About Capitol Riot, but Guess Where He Got It From. “Is it at all surprising that CNN and other liberal media just parrot the Biden line? No, it’s just one more example of how they are essentially Democrat stenographers, not objective journalists or anywhere close to being grounded in reality. Trump’s no longer in office, but he’s still all they talk about.”

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