May 31, 2021

GREAT MOMENTS IN REACTIONARY POLITICS: ‘If Tom Cotton Is Saying Something, It Can’t Be True:’ NYT Writer Admits Media Dismissed Claim Of Wuhan Virus Origin Because Cotton Said It.

Related: White House reporter: People have ‘egg on their face’ over COVID origins denial:

“I think a lot of people have egg on their face. This was an idea that was first put forward by Mike Pompeo, secretary of state, Donald Trump,” ABC News’ chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl said in an appearance Sunday on “This Week.”

Karl, who was responding to a question on why it was important that the lab leak theory was dismissed so aggressively, noted that President Donald Trump polarized some with his delivery, but “said flatly” that the virus came from a lab.

“Now serious people are saying it needs a serious inquiry,” Karl added.

The “serious people” bit is the tell — Karl doesn’t have “egg on his face,” he’s admitting this was the DNC-MSM’s modified limited hangout to slam Republicans such as Trump and Cotton as dangerous conspiracy theorists during a presidential election year. With Biden safely in office, the lab leak theory can now be openly discussed. Or to put it another way: Don’t let the media (and Dr Fauci) get away with U-turning on the lab leak theory.

Another reason why network news operations went soft on China and the CCP flu: China’s Long Tentacles Extend Deep Into American Media. “Comcast Corporation is not only the participator of the increasingly close cultural exchanges, but also the contributor and beneficiary of deeper economic exchanges between China and the US. The NBC and the Universal Studios Theme Park in Beijing are witnesses of the in-depth development of Sino-US economic and trade relations and increasingly close cultural exchanges.”

And note that Jon Karl, quoted above, works for ABC, which is owned by Disney: Disney’s Mulan Disaster Highlights Dangers of China Deals: The cost of doing business with Beijing has risen sharply and swiftly.

As Jim Geraghty wrote in October of 2019, when the CCP-NBA connection exposed for millions of Americans to see: We’re Not Exporting Our Values to China — We’re Importing Theirs.

Further thoughts at the Lid blog: MSM Hacks Admit They Spiked Wuhan Lab Leak Story Because Trump Backed It (Video).

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