May 28, 2021

WISCONSIN: Top Wisconsin Republican Robin Vos hires former cops to investigate November election.

Arizona: GOP lawmakers seek to nullify Hobbs in election litigation. “Republican lawmakers took the first steps Tuesday to strip Secretary of State Katie Hobbs of some of her powers. Measures approved by both the House and Senate Appropriations committees would take away her power to defend state election laws and give it to Attorney General Mark Brnovich.”

Georgia: Motion to dismiss delays Georgia’s ballot fraud lawsuit.

Thanks to commenter Porkypine for these links.

UPDATE: From the comments: “Not once in all the challenges have the Democrats responses indicated ‘we have nothing to hide.'”

Well, as Nate Silver says:

ANOTHER UPDATE: From the comments:

One, “respectable” Reps have figured out they can support audits, as long as they say “this won’t change the 2020 results, we just want to improve the process in future.” Cut ’em slack – when the results make a more radical position “respectable”, they’ll come along, but not a moment before. Cautious friends are FAR better than enemies.

Two, the 2020 audits are about where the Wuhan Lab source theory was a year ago – highly disrespectable among all Right Thinking People, right up untill the drip drip drip of evidence finally washes the ground out from under their feet.

It’d gonna be an interesting next eighteen months.

Indeed. Plus: “When you’re hiding something, you’ve got something to hide.”

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