March 31, 2004

I DIDN’T LISTEN TO FRANKENRADIO TODAY, but here’s a review from Josh Fielek. Meanwhile Bryan Preston notes that the “Air America” programming is displacing urban black radio talent in favor of white liberals, leaving the displaced folks unhappy. Oops.

UPDATE: SF DJ Big Rick notes that Air America is displacing Chinese and Korean radio programming in the Bay Area.

Meanwhile, in New York:

Starting tomorrow, WLIB will scrap its daytime Caribbean programming and become the New York home for Air America Radio, the new, liberal talk-radio network.

Al Franken and Air America: “Silencing Minorities Since 2004!”

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader says that in LA Air America is replacing this Korean radio station. There may be something about it on the website, but I can’t tell, since it’s in Korean.

Meanwhile, reader Gerald Dearing emails:

Air America. Haven’t heard it. Won’t seek it out. Think it’s a stunt that won’t last beyond election day.

But has anyone said exactly WHY they named it after a C.I.A. operation?

Not that I’ve heard.

MORE: Doc Searls has lots of background, and observes: “Anyway, you’d think that Al Franken and his buddies would have done a little lookup on this thing.”

And for you Howard Stern flipflop conspiracy theorists, there’s this: “All the ads on the network are for XM satellite radio.”

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