March 31, 2004

BAD DAY IN FALLUJAH: I don’t have a lot to say about this: it seems clear that the bad guys are still trying for a repeat of Mogadishu, unaware that the script has changed.

Perhaps we should consider an end to infrastructure and services repair in Fallujah for a while. And maybe some Kurdish security units. . . .

UPDATE: Best of the Web observes:

It’s worth emphasizing that the four victims were civilians working for an American company (which company the news reports have not yet told us). Like America’s soldiers, these civilians are putting their lives on the line to enhance America’s security and help build a better Iraq.

John Kerry and other Democrats have been vilifying American contractors in Iraq, especially Halliburton. This seems a fitting time to point out what a despicable bit of demagoguery this is.


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