May 19, 2021

JIM TREACHER: DOCTOR Jill Biden Told Kamala ‘Go F*** Yourself’ for Attacking Her Husband.

Beyond how funny it is to picture DOCTOR Jill Biden saying this, it’s important to note that she made the same assumption everybody else did: Harris was calling Biden a racist. At the time, all the Kamala fans insisted she wasn’t calling him a racist, because she literally said “I don’t think you’re a racist” before she laid out the argument that he was a racist. But DOCTOR Jill Biden saw right through that ruse. You don’t get to be a DOCTOR like Jill Biden by being a dummy.

And other Biden voters don’t like Kamala much either. Her approval ratings are unusually dire for a VP in the first few months of a new administration. As Charles C.W. Cooke at National Review notes:

[T]hat Harris is unpopular should come as no great surprise, given that she somehow manages to combine into a single package a transparent insincerity, an unvarnished authoritarianism, and a tendency toward precisely the sort of self-satisfied progressivism that helped the Republicans to limit their losses at the last general election.

In other words, she really stinks.

Kamala’s nominal boss is also having quite a rough day: Joe Biden Has a ‘Please Clap’ Moment That Would Make Jeb! Bush Blush.

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