March 29, 2004

ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL DAY ON CAMPUS, with me once again stuck inside. I did manage my usual half-hour nice-day constitutional, though, so here are a few pictures. Lots of students are enjoying the outdoors. As they should be — it’s in the 80s now, and spring has definitely spring. There’s a lot of frisbee-tossing and studying under trees, as you can see. I don’t think that the Aquatic Center’s outdoor pool is open, but it might as well be. It’s that kind of day. It’s more like summer than Spring, really, except that the trees are just now leafing out.

April really is the cruellest month here. The weather is wonderful, but since classes end in just over three weeks, students have to study. But at least it’s possible to sit outside, and get a tan while you do. (Can you spot the geeks by their excellent tans? Er, probably not, but I like the thought.)

But the big item this week is student elections. As you can see (er, or actually can’t as the crowd is in the way), free pizza draws a crowd:

But when it comes to politics, there’s no substitute for passing out pork, as this grilling operation demonstrates:

Anyway, I’ve been stuck in the office proofreading a forthcoming law review article and, beginning shortly, preparing for class. Then I have a committee meeting to look forward to after that. But I can, at least, take vicarious pleasure in the way other people are enjoying the nice weather. And there’s always tomorrow, I suppose. And, of course, I managed to enjoy the nice weather and the outdoors yesterday.

But it all seems that much more appealing when you have work to do!

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