May 17, 2021

KAROL MARKOWICZ: If woke companies really ‘care,’ let them help where it counts: fighting crime.

In Atlanta, home of Coca-Cola, homicides this year are up 60 percent over 2020 at this point, even though 2020 saw the most murders in two decades. How much of Coca-Cola’s ad budget is urging action?

Silicon Valley, home of politically motivated companies like Apple and Uber, openly ignored the Bay Area’s 35 percent murder spike last year.

These firms can do a lot to effect change in their home regions if they wanted to. They can demand more policing. They can spend money on mental-health facilities. They can fund better street lights, which have been shown to reduce crime, and cameras in hot spots to identify assailants faster.

They can speak up on the issue again and again so politicians know it matters. Instead, they’re putting out slickly produced TV commercials telling us they “care” about abstract, often loony issues.

But they won’t, because the woke ruling class are terrified of being trashed en masse by their fellow leftists on social media.

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