May 16, 2021

STARLINK UPDATE: It’s worked fine for me so far, still quite fast. According to the statistics panel, it’s had 5 minutes of downtime during the past 24 hours, due to satellite unavailability. The most I’ve noticed is a momentary hiccup lasting maybe 5 seconds, presumably while switching from one satellite to another. To be honest, it seems to be as steady as my Comcast service, which occasionally hiccups too for no obvious reason. (My old Bellsouth DSL service, though slow, never hiccuped.)

I’ve run the speed test several times and it’s been between about 200 and 300+ mbps down, and between 12 and 32 mbps up. Ping times generally around 30 ms, though the stats page shows the longest ping in the last 24 hours to be 327 ms.

One piece of advice for people getting Starlink: It comes with a tripod antenna mount. My excellent installers mounted that but made some modifications because they were afraid if they screwed it into my roof directly it would cause a leak. Starlink sells a number of roof- and wall-mounting kits on the website and you might want to look and order the one that looks best for your situation. They’re not very expensive.

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