May 13, 2021

JIM TREACHER: Sophia the Talking Robot Goes Into Journalism.

I haven’t been able to find video of this robot doing whatever the hell this is supposed to be, but here it is on a “date” with rapper and robot-fighter Will Smith:

That was three years ago, so maybe since then they’ve taught that thing how to recognize sarcasm, and that it should search online for a prospective suitor’s net worth before turning down a kiss. But if a robot is this adept at comedy, how tough can journalism be? It requires skill to make people laugh, but pretty much anybody can say things that aren’t true.

Journalists had better hope robots don’t take over their profession, because those things don’t need sleep or paychecks and they’re almost as easy to program.

That is, if robots haven’t already infiltrated the industry. Come to think of it… has anybody ever actually seen Wolf Blitzer walk through a metal detector?

At least interacting with Will Smith, Sophia seems awfully clunky. Why not dust off Ananova instead?

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