March 15, 2004

“MORE THAN SIXTY PEOPLE” protested the war, and to CNN that’s news. (It’s currently at the top of their main page.)

I wonder how many people would have to march in favor of the war to get this kind of notice? 60,000? Apparently 4,000 wasn’t enough.

UPDATE: Roger Simon notes that while CNN is reporting that protest, it’s missing these. Eason Jordan, call your office! Oh, wait. . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Darren Brewer emails: “The CNN headline now says ‘more than 100 people.’ Of course. that makes ALL the difference.”

So, um, where’d the extra ones come from?

MORE: “Countless Dozens Protest CNN Coverage of Iraq.” Heh. Where are the cameras?

STILL MORE: Tim Blair: “The report, incidentally, contains around six times as many words as there were protesters.”

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