May 6, 2021

I BLAME THE CONFLICTING AND DISHONEST STATEMENTS FROM OUR PUBLIC HEALTH LEADERSHIP: Parents Are Reluctant to Get Their Children Vaccinated for Covid-19, Poll Shows.

It’s also the case that kids seldom get sick, and seldom spread Covid. So the risk calculus is different than for, say, 70-year-olds.

And I’m increasingly annoyed with people who act like herd immunity can only be reached by vaccination. It can — and will — be reached by natural infections, in time. For high risk people it’s better to take the shot than to get infected. For low-risk people, that’s not so clear. But either way, enough of the population will eventually have immunity.

Plus, don’t you know they were disappointed not to be able to blame dads here: “Fathers are becoming more accepting, with their resistance falling to 11 percent from 14 percent since February. But over a quarter of mothers, researchers said, still say they are ‘extremely unlikely’ to vaccinate their children. Both genders are more resistant to the vaccine for younger children than for teenagers. Other research shows that mothers tend to have more sway over the final decision than fathers.”

Look, if you don’t want to vaccinate your kid for whooping cough or measles, you’re an idiot. But the calculus here is different, and there’s nothing crazy about what these women are thinking.

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