May 6, 2021

FROM JAMES YOUNG:  Ride of the Late Rain.

“Ride of the Late Rain is a great read with well-crafted dialogue and outstanding, realistic battle scenes…”–Pop Cults.

“A captain’s first duty is to the Confederation..”–Confederation Fleet General Order #1

The destroyer Shigure is the oldest destroyer in the fleet…or so she seems. Equipped with a powerful, new device, the “Late Rain” is chosen for a special, dangerous project. With a young crew and modifications that makes her vessel not what she seems, Commander Leslie Hawkins presses into unknown space to examine structures detected by an Confederation Fleet survey vessel…and discovers that Mankind is not alone.

“Ride of the Late Rain” received an Honorable Mention in the Fall 2012 “Writer’s of the Future Contest.” Judges included Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Orson Scott Card, and Kevin J. Anderson. Its full length sequel, _An Unproven Concept_, is now available via Amazon in both electronic and hard copy, with the “Kraken Edition” consisting of this short story and the novel combined.

“Recommended” Rating from “Right Fans: Sci Fi from the Other Side” Blog.

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