May 5, 2021

MARK PULLIAM: Obedience Fatigue.

Americans are an obedient people, especially when summoned in response to a national crisis. Citizens bought war bonds to support U.S. soldiers fighting enemies overseas, submitted to rationing and blackout orders (and cooperated in scrap drives) during World War II, and participated in civil defense drills during the Cold War. An entire generation practiced “duck and cover” and retreating to the nearest fallout shelter in the event of a nuclear attack. Obedience, however, depends on a fragile bond of trust, and our national leaders have recklessly tested the limits of that bond during the COVID-19 pandemic. The limits, although elastic, are nearing the breaking point. . . .

John Hinderaker calls for Americans to begin disobeying our feckless public health czars. He says “We need people to say, I’m taking this damn mask off. And if a harpy complains, to tell her or him to get stuffed. Seriously. The time has come.” I fully concur. The time for patience and forbearance is over. Let freedom ring.

It’s time. I’ve noticed a lot more people ignoring masking rules lately, even in places like Whole Foods.

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