May 5, 2021

DECOLONIZE HIGHER EDUCATION: Reclaiming American higher education: Idaho is cutting off social justice universities. “In one general education class at BSU a social work professor taught what he called the ‘solid viewpoint’ that ‘white people should be slaves.’ Social justice fanatics at BSU even bullied a small business off campus for supporting the police.”

As taxpayers tire of subsidizing this sort of thing, we’re told it’s because of “anti-intellectualism.”


The House of Representatives decisively rejected (13-57) Senate Bill 1179, which would have imposed a minor fiscal reduction on Idaho’s public universities as a consequence for their social justice agenda. In its place the legislature passed a bill cutting an additional $2.5 million from university budgets as a penalty for misusing public funds on social justice activism.

At the same time, a bill banning public universities from compelling students to adopt the divisive tenets of critical race theory and using public money to do so became law.

Expect more of this.

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